Available Treasury

Base Treasury 500k USD

Total available balance of investment fund contract.
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Amount Invested

Total invested amount in StarkNet project through Dolven Labs DAO.

Investment Limit

/ 6

This indicates the maximum concurrent investments that can be made by Dolven Labs for given time period.


Member of Dolven Labs DAO are called Delegates.

Active Investments

Total number of early-stage investments made by Dolven Labs DAO.

Total Airdropped Amount

The total value of Airdrops provided to DAO members.

Dolven Labs Project Airdrops

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Active Projects

Projects Launched from Permissionless Launchpad

$0 USD

This indicates the number of projects that were launched using Permissionless Launchpad by Dolven Labs.

Total Locked Liquidity

$0 USD

The total value of locked liquidity using Dolven Labs Liquidity Locker.

Tokens Minted

This indicates the number of projects that minted their Tokens using Permissionless Token Minter by Dolven Labs.

TVL in Portfolio Management Protocol

$0 USD

The total value of assets locked in Dolven Labs Index Fund.

Coming soon - StarkNet Index Fund

$DLSTARK offers exposure to the top crypto assets in the StarkNet ecosystem.